The Quincentennial Foundation

1992 marks the five hundreth anniversary of this most gracious welcome of Sephardim to Turkish lands. Turkish Jews felt it was both fitting and proper to launch an extensive celebration in Turkey, in the United States and in Europe.

Jewish history is full of sad events which are marked by commemorations and memorial services. But now there was a major event to celebrate. To celebrate both the 500th anniversary of the welcoming of the Sephardic Jews to the Ottoman Empire and the five centuries of continous and peaceful life in Turkey.

The Quincentennial Foundation was established in 1989 by a group of 113 Turkish citizens, Jews and Moslems alike. Founded and headquarted in Istanbul the Quincentennial Foundation is planning a threeyear (1990 - 1992) cultural and academic program both within Turkey and abroad mainly in the U.S, Canada and Mexico on the American continent; France, United Kingdom and Italy in Europe.

The Foundation embarked on a very ambitious program as befits the greatness of the occasion. What Turkish Jews lack in numbers they make up in enthousiasm and commitment. And they toward their vision with great excitment.

This program has been designed to bring the diverse and rich legacy of Turkish Jewry to a greater audience.